Earlybird Kindergarten Textbook B Unit 17 – Compare Numbers Unit 20 – Number Bonds Unit 23 – Subtraction

Page one
Activity: Review, Count. 2 and 1 make 3.
Write the numbers.

Page two
Activity: Count. Tens: 1 and   Ones: 5 equal  Ones: 15
Consolidation: Tell the students to look at this page. Guide them say, There … groups of ten beads and … more. As they fill in the place value chart. Then, ask them to say the number aloud as they write the numerals.

Page three
Activity: Money, check the coins you need.
Development: Have the students work in pairs. Give each pair the coins shown on this page. Show them something that costs 20¢. Tell the students to show their partners how they can pay for it. Have different pairs of students show the different ways to do so. Lead the students see that there are different ways to pay for each item. Get them to practice counting on, or counting all by ones, fives and teens using their classmates´ responses.


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