Earlybird Kindergarten Textbook A Unit 4 – Count to 5 Unit 7 – Number Order Unit 14 – Equal Sets

Page one
Lesson: Look and Talk.
Introduction: Show the students a green object, e.g. a green leaf. Ask them to name the color of the object. Ask the students to point out green objects around the room. Show them other objects with differents shades of green. Repeat this with other colors: red, blue, brown, yellow, orange, purple, black and white. Have the students look at this page. Tell them to use colors to describe what they see on this page.

Page two
Lesson: Write the numbers.
Introduction: Have the students draw faces on plastic eggs. Alternatively, use cardborad egg shapes. Arrange the eggshells in rows of 1 to 5. Place a card with the corresponding numeral next to the art display.
Consolidation: Give each student five counters. Call out a number. Get one student to write the numeral on the board. Ask the rest of the students to show the number of counters that correspond with the numeral written on the board. Have the students practice writing the numerals 1 to 5.

Page three
Lesson: Match each cat with a ball.
Introduction: Have students who keep cats as pets say what their cats like to do.
Development: Place three balls in a box. Tell five students to form a circle a round the box. Ask to try to get a ball when you say, Go! Guide them to say, There are more children than. Next, place six balls in the box. Repeat the same activity. Then, tell them to say. There are more balls than children. Ask the students to use their fingers to draw an imaginary line to join a cat and a ball. Repeat for all the cats. Then, have the students use their pencil to draw a straight line to join a cat and a ball. Ask them to use the structure, There are more… than….


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